Baseline Writers

Justin Welton – Justin, founder of BaselineHoops, has been writing about a variety of sports for more than three years. He has been featured on,,,,, Fort-Worth Telegram and Follow him on Twitter @JustinWelton.

Michael D. Sykes, II – Hoops writer, I’ve come to terms with it. I love Basketball and it loves me back. Check me out at and my own creation, “Whats Left on the Floor” at

Eddie McDonald – I am a junior at Clarion University and I love sports. I write for the school paper The Clarion Call. I am an analyst on 91.7 WCUC The Clutch as well as CU-TV the Nest. I am also a featured blogger on You can follow me on Twitter @KingEdward15

Michael Waterloo – I also am the WVU reporter for Ohio Valley Athletics ( covered the Orange Bowl and every home game as well as their basketball team. Sports editor at my college paper The Clarion Call ( and covered Pittsburgh sports for the past two years for various sites. You can follow me on Twitter @MichaelWaterloo

Samar Gaines – Samar is a simple man who writes about basketball. Follow him on Twitter @creative_one15.

Rob Norton – I’m 22 years old and absolutely love sports and fantasy sports, especially basketball, football and baseball. I love to play basketball as well and play in a few leagues. Follow me on twitter @norton0723 and check out my personal blog as well ( )


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