UCLA Bruins coach Ben Howland lost control of highly recruited players, according to report

Ben Howland is having serious issues with UCLA. It’s hard to believe that this is what’s happening with a coach that led UCLA to deep NCAA Tournament runs.

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NCAA reinstates Miami Hurricanes’ Reggie Johnson

The NCAA reinstated Miami’s Reggie Johnson on Tuesday. He averages 10.6 points and 6.9 rebounds this season. The Hurricanes are 17-10 on the campaign.

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NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls release Mike James

Chicago Bulls made a move on Tuesday by releasing Mike James.

C.J. Watson will return to play the New Orleans Hornets after missing two games because of a concussion.

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Carrier Classic wont be played in San Diego in 2012

The Carrier Classic won’t be played in San Diego in 2012. They hope to see a return for 2013.

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NBA Rumors: Brandon Roy Considering A Comeback

Brandon Roy was one of the better scorers in the NBA before his numerous knee injuries.

It was difficult watching the former star struggle on the court. Hopefully he can comeback and be successful in the league.

“It’s the truth. It’s really hard being so far away from the game. I spend time watching Jamal (Crawford) and following all of his games; Will (Conroy) and Tre (Simmons) are both doing their thing, so it’s driving me to wanna come back out there.” Roy told US Basket, “If the treatment I’ve been looking into can work, I believe there’s a good chance you will see Brandon Roy back hoopin’.”

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NBA Rumors: New Jersey Nets coach Avery Johnson — Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks could steal Deron Williams

Avery Johnson is a little bit worried about the Dallas Mavericks and their ability to lure Deron Williams.

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Connecticut Huskies’ Jim Calhoun undergoes surgery for spinal condition

Jim Calhoun, Connecticut’s head basketball coach, underwent surgery for his spinal condition.

“I am very fortunate to have been treated by three of the very best surgeons,” Calhoun said in a statement. “My heartfelt thanks to them and the entire Beth Israel community, who have made every effort to ensure my stay is as comfortable as possible. Lastly, thank you to the people across Connecticut and beyond who have reached out to offer their support.

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Jewish School Decides Against Playing in State Semifinals Because of Sabbath

Imagine your high school basketball team winning its regional championship to advance to the state semifinals in Dallas, Texas. The kids, coaches, parents, school and community are in a tizzy about how well the basketball team is playing.

The Robert M. Beren Academy, an Orthodox Jewish day school in Houston, has their opportunity to play in the state semifinals on Friday. There is just one problem: Sabbath.

Jewish Sabbath is a weekly day of rest that begins sundown on Friday until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night.

So what do they do? The answer is simple: Don’t attend the trip and forfeit the contest.

“The sacred mission will trump excellence in the secular world,” Rabbi Harry Sinoff, Beren’s head of school, said Monday in a telephone interview, according to Mary Pilon of the New York Times.

How about attempting to reschedule the game to another date?

It’s not going to happen because the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools denied the appeal for the game.

“When Beren’s joined years ago, we advised them that the Sabbath would present them with a problem with the finals,” Edd Burleson, the director of the association said.

The rules of the association have been firm and continuous every year.

“If we solve one problem, we create another problem. If the schools are just going to arrange their own schedule, why do we even set a tournament?” Burleson said. “Over a period of time, our state tournament, which is a highlight of our association, deteriorates to nothing. That’s the whole point of having an organization.”

It seems like a situation that Robert M. Beren Academy, who was 23-5 on the season, could have prevented years ago.

This would have been the school’s first trip to the state semifinals.

Former coach Mike Dunleavy part of group looking to buy New Orleans Hornets, sources say

New Orleans may have a buyer in the form of Mike Dunleavy. He is part of a group that is looking to buy the Hornets.

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Los Angeles Clippers plan to bring Bobby Simmons back

Bobby Simmons may return to the Los Angeles Clippers for the stretch run of the NBA season.

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