3-Point Competition

Is a repeat in order?

Unlike the dunk competition, the 3-point contest has absolutely nothing to do with judging and popularity and absolutely everything to do with who can make the most shots in the time alotted. Therefore, while the dunk competition is generally considered the main attraction and the more exciting of the two, the 3-point competition is definitely the more fair. Also, unlike the dunk competition, last year’s 3-point champion, James Jones, is returning to defend his title. Joe Johnson was supposed to take part but was a scratch due to injury and has been replaced by Kevin Durant. Let’s take a better look at all of the contestants:

  • James Jones – SG/SF, Miami Heat, reigning champion, 42.0% 3PT this season, 21 3PTM this season, 40.3% 3PT career
  • Kevin Love – PF/C, Minnesota Timberwolves, 34.8% 3PT this season, 49 3PTM this season, 36.5% 3PT career
  • Ryan Anderson – PF/C, Orlando Magic, 43.4% 3PT this season, 99 3PTM this season, 39.2% 3PT career
  • Mario Chalmers – PG, Miami Heat, 45.6% 3PT this season, 68 3PTM this season, 36.7% 3PT career
  • Anthony Morrow – SG/SF, New Jersey Nets, 40.2% 3PT this season, 68 3PTM this season, 43.9% 3PT career
  • Kevin Durant – SF, Oklahoma City Thunder, 36.5% 3PT this season, 58 3PTM this season, 35.8% 3PT career

When looking over the contestants, there are a lot of great shooters as well as big name superstars. I really feel like nobody is the favorite heading into this contest and that anyone can win it. Personally, my pick is going to be Ryan Anderson. He’s just been on fire all year and is having an amazing year. He almost has 100 threes made already (99) and is averaging 2.9 per game so far! If he keeps up that rate, it will be the highest since 2007-08 when Peja Stojakovic and Jason Richardson averaged 3.0 per game. He’s also shooting the second best 3PT% of all the contestants this year behind only Chalmers (45.6%). Another big factor he’ll have on his side is shooting in his home arena and with a hometown crowd cheering him on. My dark horse for the event has to be Anthony Morrow. He’s a guy that nobody is really talking about right now but is known for his 3-point shooting. He has a smooth stroke and has easily the best career 3PT% of all the contestants so definitely watch out for him. With that said, who do you think is going to win?


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