Andre Iguodala is Deserving of His NBA All-Star Selection

The Philadelphia 76ers are represented in this years NBA All-Star Game by small forward Andre Iguodala, who is making his first appearance in the annual event. The 76ers are sitting at 18-8 which is first in the Atlantic Division and third in the Eastern Conference. Iguodala has been a major reason for the 76ers surprise success. He’s third on the team in scoring, third in rebounds, first in assists, first in steals and fourth in PER. Iguodala also happens to be one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA. He is well-deserving of this all-star selection.

Offensively, Iguodala has never been mistaken as an elite scorer with a career average of 15.5 points per game and this season is no different — his scoring is down to 13 ppg. But judging Iguodala by his scoring is the wrong way to look at his game. Iguodala is one of the best play-making small forwards in the league averaging 5.2 apg which is second for small forwards behind only LeBron James. On a team that struggles to get easy baskets in a half-court set, Iguodala is able to create shots for others with his ability to drive and find the open man. Iguodala is also one of the best players on the fast-break in the league with his speed and athleticism. He can push the ball on the break, creating opportunities for teammates and himself.

Defensively is where Iguodala makes his greatest contribution. According to, he holds opposing small forwards to a PER of 8.2. To put that into prospective, the league average in PER is 15. Iguodala grabs his fair share of rebounds averaging 6.7 per game; he’s also averaging 1.8 steals per game.

Iguodala is able to defend the elite wing scorers in the game without help which attributes to the 76ers being first in the league in defensive rating, according to Iguodala uses his speed, strength and athleticism to crowd opposing wings, forcing them into difficult shots and bad decisions.

Iguodala is playing the best basketball of his career this season and has helped the 76ers play their best basketball since the early 2000’s. Iguodala is the 76ers first all-star since Allen Iverson in 2006. Iverson was voted as a starter in 2009-2010 but missed the game with an injury.

The NBA All-Star Game should be right up Iguodala’s alley so look for him to have a few buzz worthy highlights in the game.


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