Eddy Curry Given Second Chance By The Heat

We’ve seen some good comeback stories over the years throughout sports.  Josh Hamilton was a man with all of the talent in the world but got hooked on drugs and found himself out of baseball.  Thanks to a life devoted to faith and staying clean, Hamilton got a second chance and become the American League MVP two years ago with the Texas Rangers.  Last year, Ryan Vogelsong found himself back in the major leagues after a five-year layoff.  Vogelsong ended the season with the Pittsburgh Pirates and ended up playing baseball in Japan.  After failed attempts to come back with the Philadelphia Phillies and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the San Francisco Giants invited Vogelsong to spring training last season.  Vogelsong’s contract was purchased after Barry Zito went out with an injury.  Vogelsong ended up making the All-Star Team and just signed a two-year contract extension.

We’ve seen Mario Lemieux return from cancer to continue his hockey career.  Antoine Walker and Sean Livingston returned to the NBA after not playing for a few years due to money issues and injuries.  This time around, the comeback story belongs to Eddy Curry.  In the Heat’s win over the Lakers Thursday night, Curry scored six points in six minutes for the Heat in his first game in two years in the NBA.  Curry last appeared for the New York Knicks Dec. 17 2009.  Curry, who was drafted No. 4 in the 2001 draft by the Bulls, never quite lived up to the hype as he has only averaged 13 points per game in his career.

Curry came into the league with high expectations with a TV documentary filming his senior season of high school as he prepared for the draft.  Curry and Tyson Chandler were dubbed the “Baby Bulls” and were looked to save the franchise that went downhill after the departure of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman.  Curry quickly became a draft bust and departed to New York.

After a less than stellar stint there, Curry found himself overweight and out of a job.  Curry was invited to the Heat’s training camp last season, but didn’t find a deal.  This year however, Curry came to camp in December with a slimmed down figure, losing over 100 pounds since last spring.

Curry still looked unconditioned against the Lakers and still has work to do offensively and defensively, Curry was late rotating as Troy Murphy hit an open jumper from 15 feet for example.  Curry said his body “felt good” after the game and even though it was only six minutes, it’s still a second opportunity for the 29-year old Curry.  While he may not see much time in the coming weeks, Curry will be counted on for Coach Eric Spoelstra’s team in the playoffs to defend the likes of Dwight Howard and Joakim Noah in the paint.

Many athletes only get one chance to make it to the league.  In Curry’s case, he’s lucky enough to have a second chance, one that he won’t take for granted.

Photo Credits: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images


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