DeMarcus Cousins Demands Trade: Teams Should Be Wary of Picking Up Star

Sacramento Kings announced that DeMarcus Cousins demanded a trade on Sunday.

Cousins is known for having maturity issues all throughout high school and during his time with Kentucky. His continuous pouting on and off the floor has been noticed, and the Kings knew of this before they drafted him No. 5 in the first round in 2010.

This shouldn’t come as a tremendous surprise given his past issues.

He is averaging 13 points and 11 rebounds for the 2-3 Kings. Cousins is averaging 28.5 minutes per night, and I’m sure that had a bit to do with him being upset or angry or whatever the issue may be.

There comes a point in time when players need to grow up. Sometimes it happens later than others, but there has to be a time where Cousins acts like a responsible adult even if he’s barely able to legally go to the bar.

I would take a chance on Cousins if I could give him 35 minutes a game. If I was blessed with talent on my roster, I wouldn’t even consider bringing him to my club.

This is a perfect risk-risk with a possible reward or disaster. He could potentially be a “cancer” to a potential winning club, but he could also help your team significantly given his talent level and young age.

I’m sure there are several teams that will give the Kings a call about Cousins. The Kings control his rights for now so they won’t be in any of a hurry with this situation until the right deal comes along.


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